Hello. I'm Adam. Last name sounds like Gruff / Tough / Fluff.
I am a designer and animator from the southern part of America called Atlanta. Much of my time here has been spent freelancing for TV and eating BBQ. I spent 2016 in northern California animating secret things and building tools to help animate UI stuff at Google. I built the animation system for the lights on Google Home. Now I live in Atlanta again, build tools for other animators at Battle Axe and play synthesizer music to entertain myself.
In 2017 I released RubberHose 2 to update the simplest way to rig and animate characters and Overlord to completely change how you animate vector shapes with Illustrator. In 2019 I released AEUX for Google. I am currently building a thing called Timelord and I am unavailable for freelance.
I really like vikings, tattoos, tattoos of vikings, geometry, drawing on a computer, modular synthesis, artifacts of unimaginable power, obelisks, outside stuff, and my really pretty wife.
Notable traits:
– The ability to solve a Rubik's cube in under 60 seconds
– Considered to possess an above average interest in Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Buffy lore
– Sometimes referred to as Sorcerer of Truth
– Daily participation in psychological warfare with a 6 year old
– Beat Portal 2 Co-Op mode by myself
adamplouff [at] gmail.com
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