Brendan Rogan Reel Intro

The project was originally a small favor for a producer friend to do a simple type treatment for the open of his reel. The more we discussed design directions the more excited we got and it quickly grew into a larger exercise in self-imposed simplicity in order to communicate a set of core values.

As our main constraint all art had to be composed of consistently weighted strokes. This major limitation actually freed up the utilization of several techniques ranging from path offset morphs to frame-by-frame animation.
Illustrations were merged to create a dual icon set allowing the stroke to be easily offset between the two shapes.
A major part of the grunt work on this project was not the penciling of the water splash effect, but pathing the whole thing in AE to retain the flat stroked look. 
In order to keep consistency in the stroke weight, there had to be some fancy expressioning that allows the stroke to remain at the same thickness while the shapes themselves scale. 
After some fruitless searching for water sloshing reference I ended up shooting my 6 month old son's sippy cup at high framerate on the iPhone. Tip: Never underestimate shooting reference yourself. 
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