Hello. I'm Adam. Last name sounds like Gruff / Tough / Fluff.
I am a designer and animator from the southern part of America called Atlanta. Much of my time here has been spent freelancing for TV and eating BBQ. I spent a 2016 out in Silicon, trying to get my billions on –but mostly animating secret things and building tools to help animate UI stuff at Google. Now I live in Atlanta again, mostly eat vegetables, and build tools for other animators at Battle Axe.
I am currently working on a project called Overlord and am unable to take freelance work at this time. Unless you are Mastodon. Or Migos. If either of you wants to do work, please get in touch.
I really like vikings, tattoos, tattoos of vikings, geometry, drawing on a computer, artifacts of unimaginable power, obelisks, outside stuff, and my really pretty wife.
Notable traits:
– The ability to solve a Rubik's cube in under 60 seconds
– Considered to possess an above average interest in Buffy lore
– Often referred to as Sorcerer of Truth and Destroyer of Dreams
– Daily participation in psychological warfare with a 4 year old named Max
– Beat Portal 2 Co-Op mode by myself
adamplouff [at] gmail.com
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