Xamarin Evolve

Titles for Xamarin Evolve developer conference. Based on the idea that development can sometimes looks at a giant confusing mess but when seen the right way often possesses a structured elegance. Original created at 11:2 aspect so it has been cropped.

Every year Xamarin hosts a developer conference with the theme of evolution. To set the tone for the Evolve 2014 I was asked to explore a geometric evolution based on their existing logo. We created a series of short motion concepts which became the basis for much of the visual branding –from the animated pieces to signage and apparel.
Unused motion concept
Unused motion concept
Super-wide aspect ratio
The final animated pieces were created for an incredibly wide screen and delivered at 11:2 aspect ratio. This created an almost panoramic effect which meant limiting the horizontal motion to avoid sickness in viewers. I can't say I have ever had to worry about that before.
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